The secret technology of the ancient Greeks – How can Parthenon withstand earthquakes






The secret that keeps the Parthenon standing upon nearly 2500 years without the slightest damage from earthquakes that have been made over the years revealed after studies show that despite the fact that it does not even have foundations it has a triple earthquake-proofing.

As studies show, the overall architecture and structure of the form, showed that the ancients had since discovered what we now call seismic isolation. This temple, successfully coincides with the theory of modern civil engineering, because without having any foundation, it is triple earthquake insulated!

This triple insulation, as explained to us, is located in different parts of the building. The first point lies in the layers of huge, horizontally and exceptionally smooth marbles on which the Parthenon seats.

The second was found in metal flexible connections which connect the plates of each layer, and that at their center identified small poles around which spilled coil (the coil has the property of protecting iron against corrosion and weakens the elasticity , which wave, since part of its kinetic energy is transformed into thermal).

And the third is located in the building columns, which are not placed-over, since the ancient Greeks knew how to withstand the vibration of the earth, and thats why they should be placed in marble slices, perfectly applied one over the other.

The columns – in the way they were placed – allowed the entire building to oscillate, but not to collapse!