The search for extraterrestrial life and the terrible deficiency in graphics cards






Scientists who are hiding in Space for evidence of extraterrestrial activity are struggling to find the hardware they need, and that’s because the madness of “crying” has eliminated everything from the market!

This has been confessed by an astronomer of the notorious Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) at the BBC, which wants to expand its operations to two new observatories (USA and Australia), but it lacks basic components that can not be found anywhere .

“We want to use the latest graphics processing units … and we can not find them,” says Professor Dan Werthimer desperately. Because simply-the demand for state-of-the-art graphics cards has climbed into the stars, thanks to the cryptobodies everyone wants to suddenly put into hand.

“This limits the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, our attempt to answer the question” Are we alone? Is there anyone out there? ”, Dr Werthimer continues, ‘This is a new problem and it only happens to the orders we are trying to do in the last two months.’

Cutting cryptos like Bitcoin or Ethereum is based on connecting computers to a global network to validate the transactions of people who use it in this e-money. As a reward for this little service, users receive a small fee for cryptobonds, the latest holy chalice of the world.ATH






And high-performance graphics cards are not only used by gamers and astronomers but also by Bitcoins cutters, as the process requires huge amounts of processing power. Like looking for aliens naturally, as you never know where to hit and scientists are obliged to look at many places at the same time.

“In SETI, we want to look at as many frequency channels as we do not know at what frequencies extraterrestrial life can emit, which forces us to look at many different types of signals,” the professor said, pointing out that SETI’s telescopes needed even 100 graphics cards to work satisfactorily.

But this is also acknowledged by a second astronomer, Professor Aaron Parsons of the HERA (Hydro Epoch of Reionization Array), who told the BBC that he had just received a brave grant to learn how galaxies and stars were formed, but he can not do it because he can not find the necessary GPUs anywhere to connect the HERA multiple telescopes!

As he said, only the black market can find what it takes, but the final cost exceeds $ 32,000 in market prices. A market that can not serve demand. The giant on NVIDIA graphics cards has recently restricted its online card sales, for example, because it can not meet demand.