Scientists warn that the sun will go out in a few years

Scientists have come to the conclusion that the Sun in about five billion years will have spent all its fuels. The current theory states that our maternal star will initially inflate and turn into what experts call the “red giant” and then shrink and become a “white dwarf” which is the term for astral bodies.

International team of scientists presents a new scenario according to which the Sun after passing the stage of the red giant will not become a white dwarf but will turn into a huge bright gas and dust nebula that will be visible even in neighboring galaxies.

Researchers support this scenario in simulations that have shown that this nebula will shine for about ten thousand years. The simulation also shows that the Earth can survive the process of self-destruction of the Sun, but it has long ceased to be a place hospitable to life.

According to the simulation published in the “Nature Astronomy” survey about two billion years before the Sun’s self-destruction process, the star will become increasingly brighter, warming our planet more and the oceans literally boil.