Scientists have created a device that makes water from hot desert air

Researchers at the University of California at Berkeley have successfully tested their device, which is doing nothing but convert desert air into clean and drinking water! Their results are published in the “Science Advances” review, which tells us that the device can collect drinking water from each cycle of the day and night, even in low humidity conditions. And at a small cost!

The surprising of the invention is that it can be used in dry and anhydrous climates where it is precisely devoid of water. “There is nothing like this,” says Omar Yaghi of Berkeley University, who invented technology, this journey from the lab to the desert has allowed us to really make an interesting science phenomenon “.

The device works at any ambient temperature, even in the sun, and does not even need any power source to operate. Everything lies in an innovative substance, a crystalline powder of organic and metallic atoms sprayed on the device and absorbs the humidity of the atmosphere as a sponge. Especially well works in the wilderness at night when the temperature drops and the humidity increases.

And when the temperatures go up again in the morning, water molecules leave the crystals, producing a bowl of clean and drinking water! The device has been under control for almost a year since October 2017 in particular, and its results are judged “extremely successful”. The future of mankind with regard to the supply of drinking water has just changed …