Scientist Says Planet X Might Be True

Somewhere out there, lurking in deep space, a cosmic object called Planet X might hold the answer for mysteries in the universe. NASA’s New Horizons space is set to discover this alien planet in the unexplored part of our solar system.

The Planet X has long been stuff of mysterious in the solar system. Scientists believe that the planet lies somewhere in Kuiper belt, an asteroid-filled region of the solar system. After passing Pluto, New Horizons are now heading towards the Kuiper belt to search the mysterious object.

As of now, there 1,500 different objects found in the Kuiper Belt. Most of these objects are small and astronomers qualify it as dwarf planets. But the region is still untouched by human space probes.

Scientists theorize that a large, probably bigger than Earth, object could be in the belt. According to a 2014 study published in a peer-reviewed journal Nature, scientists from Gemini Observatory in Hawaii says that there could a  “perturber”, or large cosmic objects that disrupts the gravitational pull of planets.

Percival Lowell, founder of Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, first proposed the existence of Planet X. He said that the planet could explain the Uranus’ unique orbit.

Astronomers estimate that the planet could at least 200 Astronomical Units from the sun–meaning a travel from Earth to Sun for 200 times.

“It’d be quite different than anything we know now. It would be very big and it would be quite frozen. It would resemble a giant frozen snowball,” said Scott Sheppard, astronomer from the Carnegie Institution of Washington.

Conspiracy theorists claims that that NASA is covering up the existence of Planet X, which commonly known as Nibiru in the community. But NASA is denying the claims that they are hiding the discovery of the planet.