Sawyer. This barista will shock you with its abilities






His extraordinary services at Hena Cafe in Tokyo is offering Sawyer, the robot who has taken on the role of barista and serves coffee to shop costumers.

The robot scans the receipt the customer has received from the machine and greets him. “Would you like a delicious coffee?” Asks the screen with two eyes, Sowyer’s face! “I can make coffee better than others people are doing around here” assures.

Sowyer grinds the grains, fills the filter, pours hot water into a paper cup. It can serve up to five customers at a time. In just a few minutes, the coffee is served, the robot prepares other hot drinks, including cappuccino, hot chocolate, green tea and latte.

Customers, mostly young people, take photos with their cell phones.

“It is essential to increase productivity,” says HIS member Massataka Tamaki. And he adds that only one needs to oversee the robot compared to many people needed for a regular coffee. As a result, the robot can serve better coffee and at a reasonable price (three dollars).

But it is not just about efficiency. “We want the robot to entertain customers so that it does not seem like the experience of getting coffee from a machine,” says Masataka. With him is also Takisy Yamamoto, a 68-year-old restaurant employee working nearby. “You can find coffee from a machine and at grocery stores, and it’s good. But here is enjoyment, “he said.