Sarah Palin Signs Up For Debate on Climate Change Against Bill Nye the Science Guy

Welcome, readers, to your trusty weekly dose of comedy, brought to you by this country’s denier politicians, The Republicans! So everyone’s favorite scientist and childhood best friend, Bill Nye the Science Guy – queues earsplitting applause – has just taken on one of the country’s most backward thinking politicians, Marc Morano. On April 12, a post went up on the DeSmogBlog, featuring a video of Nye and Morano debating the issue of climate change. The video has reaped over 100,000 viewers in just a few days, and here’s why: Morano got schooled!

Nye attempted to make Morano agree to a bet that this year will be the hottest year on record; however, Morano didn’t agree to it, saying that it is “obvious” since the data will be manipulated by scientists to lead people on. That is when Nye let loose on his examples of how the world’s going to hell due to human activity, and questioning whether or not Morano has thought of the future his children are headed towards. The politician was left speechless, flustered, and dejected as his stunt to promote his movie “Climate Hussle” turned into a win for the Science Guy.

IFLscience has described Morano’s movie as “propaganda for climate deniers”, and Bill Nye himself has reposted DeSmogBlog’s post in an effort to raise people’s awareness against the movie. However, Sarah Palin has another thing in mind! She went on record and said that she is “just as much as a scientist as Nye”; you know the very same guy who has won awards, educated generations, achieved a degree in mechanical science, and you know practiced actual science his whole life.

And after many internet trolls supported Palin and Morano in response to Nye’s video and post, NASA thought it was time to pitch into this epic battle against the world’s idiots. How did they do that, you ask? By also schooling internet trolls on how utterly and outrageously stupid and wrong their comments are!

Long live, science, and let’s all sign a petition to bring back Bill Nye’s show after these long 20 years, shall we? The guy just seems to be getting better!