Russian journalist accuses Maradona of sexually harassing her

The Argentina legend of football is known to have been a lover of every “pleasure” that has gone through his lifetime. He is also known to have been a great fan of female sex and “good life” in general. Diegito found himself in St. Petersburg as part of the Confederations Cup and now faces another adventure in his turbulent life after Russian journalist Ekaterina Nadolskaya accuses him of having sexually assaulted her.

The 30-year-old has filed a formal complaint stating that “I asked him to speak for an interview and he invited me to his room. He closed the door and while initially answering my questions then he started harassing me. ” While Nadolskaya added, “forced me to take my dress off and when I stayied with my underwear I stopped.”

The reporter told the newspaper that Maradona called the security of the hotel, which threw her out of the room while her belongings were left in even her clothes and her cell phone, which he returned after three hours. While the hotel staff were trying to get rid of her from the building, a Maradona assistant appeared and threw her $ 500.

The matter has grown in size in Russia with some media that support Maradona talking  for leaks that things were not done as described by the journalist. They say she started to get rid of her clothes by trying to trick Diego and he felt bad and threw her out of his room after being forced to call for security.