Rolls Royce Sweptail: The most expensive car that costs 10 million euros

It took four years for it to be created and presented just now at the Concorso d’Eleganza exhibition of historic and luxury cars held this week at Villa d’Este in Lake Como in northern Italy.

The Rolls Royce Sweptail is based on the Phantom Coupe, but it is a two-seater and in fact a completely new model. The entire bodywork has undergone extensive modifications to make it look as good as possible on the sides and on the rear with the luxury boat hull.

Sweptail has the largest mask ever worn in a British brand model, while its interior is completely unique, with solutions such as an emerging champagne base that is cooled on the dashboard. Designing the interior is minimalist, but its image leaves you with a mouth open. Only the top skins and woods have been used for its construction, with the finishing done in hand and defining perfection.

According to RR’s managing director, Torsten Miller-Otwos, the cost of the model exceeded € 10,000,000 and is obviously the highest ever available to buy a new car. Its owner waited for 4 years, his name was of course not announced, but it is a well-known collector of unique cars, boats and aircraft. In short, a billionaire.

As the need of World’s Cruisers to invest their money into unique material goods is increasing, Rolls is considering expanding the ability to create unique models for its customers.