Robots learn to do their own experiments in an attempt to overcome us

Smart machines tend to surmount us all over, why not in science? This is what a number of researchers are asking to teach them about exactly how the world works. Toyota scientists are already using artificial intelligence to accelerate the discovery of the ideal chemical blend for even better batteries in electric cars!

Mechanical arms with their own intelligence test chemicals in chemical reactors by basically performing their own experiments and leaving man in second-degree observer.

In the next few months, the algorithm is expected to take full reins, even planning the next experiments entirely alone, as Toyota tells us! By word of mouth, the “robotic undergraduate student” will decide to modify substances and reactions without the need for human intervention.

“It’s not just the mechanical work of running the experiment, it’s automated, but also its programming arm,” says the head of the Toyota Research Institute, Brian Storey, at Bloomberg. Carnegie Mellon University of Pittsburgh, whose scientist Dr Barnabás Póczos, also commented: “I can easily imagine cases where artificial intelligence would suggest chemical molecule synthesis experiments you would never think possible, but artificial intelligence could to capture”.

Toyota has already invested a few tens of millions in its research unit (Toyota Research Institute) and is now waiting to bear fruit. Algorithms that carry out their own experiments have been in the world for a long time, and with the help of such a “Part of God” was discovered in 2012 at the CERN Grand Canyon Accelerator in Switzerland …