Robots judges are coming to Europe

Robots judges are coming to England, in the first instance, is the robot judge, who will be put at the disposal of the police and will assess whether the suspected and arrested person is a major risk to society if he is released. The first such effort in Europe using artificial intelligence will be made by the Durham police, which with this system, known as Hart, will classify the arrested as to whether they are low, medium or high risk .

This program, made by scientists at Cambridge University, is expected to be implemented in the summer and will take into account gender, background and area of ​​residence. His first trials took place in 2013, and since then, the algorithm on which it is based has helped the police classify offenders by watching them for more than two years to see if they have committed other Illegal actions.

It’s success has given it the “green light” to be used officially for decision-making. “It is not entirely responsible for decision-making, it has a supportive role for officers, and it’s data only concern the area covered by the Durham police,” said the local police spokesman, Sina Arwin.

The authorities believe that the program has given its credentials, as studies have shown that the predictions made for “low-risk” suspects were 98% accurate, while for the “high risk” they had a precision of 88%. There are, however, also lawyers who believe that this system can have “dangerous” consequences. “It is a very dangerous step.”

According to the law, decisions on temporary imprisonment must be taken by people, taking into account different facts, but in reality, officers will transfer responsibility to the algorithm, “said the member of the Criminal Law Commission of Union of Lawyers, Richard Atkinson.
Please note that such programs are already in use in the US. Technological capability, however, is questionable, according to a study revealed last year that the system is “racist”, with blacks almost twice as likely to be mistakenly more dangerous.