Robot wolf protects crops in Japan

The robot wolf, which can cover up to half a mile, has been piloted for field patrols in Kissarazu, in the Chiba region, and has been particularly effective as a moving scarecrow.

“Super Monster Wolf”, as it’s called, has a height of 50 cm, length 65 cm, it is operated with rechargeable batteries and has motion sensors to detect when other animals are approaching and to drive them with a warning scream. In addition to the satanic look of the robot, it is covered with fur.

Chikao Umezawa from Japan’s Agricultural Co-operative, which is implementing this project, said it has found a significant reduction in the number of crops destroyed by animals since it patrols the robot beast, according to a report in the British newspaper The Independent.

Its creators will begin its industrial production next month and will be available in retail at a price of 514,000 yen ($ 3,478). Farmers who are unable to buy it will be able to hire their own mechanical wolf on a monthly basis. The wolves in Japan have been extinct since the early 19th century, making the project indispensable.