Robot strippers for women






Owners of the Sapphire Las Vegas Nightclub had the bright idea of ​​showing a London-based Robot-Striptease at the Consumer Electronic Show week, dancing around pole

“The majority of these nightclubs are not attracting people through the Consumer Electronic Show,” explained Peter Fedin of Sapphire Las Vegas. “We offer a different exit. If you’re six people from a company, two women and four men, you can come here and have fun and see the robots and not feel like you’re in a strip club, “he continued.

The 80 customers who appeared were men, most of whom were in the city for the big electronics show. Before the party started, girls who wore robot uniforms walked to the tables for drinks to “warm up” the audience. “There are no other strippers that offer this. We bring all this technology, I think it’s cool, “said a girl.

For a whole hour the robots danced, and in the end they took action with regular stripes. “I think the robots are clumsily moving, so no one actually moves,” said Cayden, who was in Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronic Show. “They have to take dance lessons on the metal pole,” he added with meaning.