Roberto remembers how he escaped from the terrorist attack in Madrid

Former Olympiacos goalkeeper Roberto remembered what he lived in the morning of March 11, 2004, when Madrid was hit by the terrorist bombings. Malaga’s porter had experienced very close the terrorist attack on the Spanish capital and remembered the way he escaped when he was late, losing one of the trains hit.

“14 years ago I woke up as though it was one common day. I went to school and planned to walk up to Vicalvaro Station that was my school. We rarely left home and my father together, but that day he took me to the station. Having spent a little more time with my father, I ran to the station where I felt the tunnel near the platform vibrate as I got my train.

I jumped three steps, but to my disappointment the train doors had already closed. I dropped the buttons at the door, as we all do, but the train was beginning to accelerate and it was now certain that I would be late for school.

Five minutes after the train’s departure, the noise from the explosion could be heard on the platform I was in, the sound of an explosion that had been some distance from where I was. He had burst a bomb at the next Santa Eugenia station.

A voice from the loudspeakers told us to leave the station, so I went home to where I put the television and I saw the sad story that we all remember now.

The question of what would have happened to me if I was in my time and I had picked up the train I got every day is repeated every year in my mind. Repeats the picture of everything that happened that morning.

The same sequence of events, the same questions, the same pain that does not leave and will never leave. “