Ringo Starr, drummer of Beatles was hospitalized due to heart problems

Ringo Starr  hospitalized due to heart problems. The 80-year old drummer of the legendary group Beatles was sent immediately to hospital after feeling a pain on his chest.

His plans for the direct one were announced by the Beatles Ringo Starr in an interview with Rolling Stone and, not far, he said he enjoyed the remastered “White Album” that he recently completed, that he was preparing the new coffee-table book with photos and that, in March, he starts touring with the All-Star Band to celebrate the 30 years since the foundation of his band.

“We start in Japan in March, and in the summer we are America,” he said about the upcoming tournament. “I have a lot of time and therefore I like to play. And of course, since I’m a drummer, I can not solo. If I was playing a guitar, I would probably be a folk singer and I’d be out on the stage every day, “he added, laughing.

For the photo album – his title is “Another Day in the Life” – he explained that “I was looking at my computer, I was really sorry, and I went to the pictures. I laughed, and I say “okay, let’s make a book”. And we chose the photos. ”

And it’s fun with the remastered “White Album”. New mixes, 5.1 surround sound and four extras with extras for the first time. “If you thought you had blownRingo Starr fingers on Helter Skelter, wait until you hear the 13-minute verse,” writes Rolling Stone’s Rob Sheffield, as the AMP broadcasts.

For how he has so much energy in his 78, Ringo Starr has only to say he has a personal coach and that “my diet is a vegetarian diet. I eat broccoli at every meal. “