Richard Gere was arrested after calling Matteo Salvini as baby Trump

Italy’s far-right leader and Interior Minister Matteo Salvini is a “Baby Trump” who exploits people’s fears of winning votes, US actor Richard Greer said in an interview with the Corriere della Serie today.

Greer, 69, recently clashed with Salvini over Open Arms, the humanitarian vessel that has rescued more than 100 immigrants in the Mediterranean for days, with Rome preventing it from berthing at an Italian port.

“Your home secretary has the same mentality as (US) President (Donald) Trump. In fact, I call Salvini “Baby Trump”. It uses the same extreme ignorance, exploits fear and hatred, “the American actor emphasized.

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Two weeks ago, Gyr went aboard the Open Arms to carry food to the migrants. In response, Salvini called on him to take the immigrants to Hollywood and put them “in his villas,” as the German Agency reports and relays the Athens News Agency.

“If your Home Secretary spent some time with these people, listening to their stories, the traumas of their families, it would have changed their mind,” the Hollywood star estimated.

However, Richard Greer added that he would like to meet Salvini because “I am sure that he is not in fact the same as (his personality) publicly displayed. He has family, children, parents. But he sees politics as a means to increase his popularity, “he said.