Richard Gere returns to TV after thirty years

After almost three decades of absence from the small screen, Richard Gir returns, featuring a media baron in a dramatic BBC series called “MotherFatherSon.” It’s the first television role of Hollywood actor almost thirty years later. His character in the BBC series, Max, is a charismatic self-made American businessman, owner of the media in London and around the world.

“It’s been almost 30 years since I worked on TV,” said the famous actor. “I am very happy to be working with the BBC now in this exceptional eight-hour program with such talented people that reflects so much what we live in.”

Gere will co-star with Helen McCreevy and Billy Houl. MacCorri will portray the alienated wife of Max Catherine, and Haul the couple’s son, Cainen, as he broadcasts the AMPE invoking Variety. The series makes clear references to the relationship between James and Rupert Murdoch. Keeden manages his father’s British papers, one of the world’s most powerful people, and is ready to follow his footsteps.

Ceden’s self-defeating way of life leads him out of control with devastating consequences for his family and the business empire. American Crime Story is the script writer of the series.