Richard Gere: I have no interest in politics

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In his new film, “The Dinner,” Richard Gere can be a politician, but in an interview he gave to CNN he says he has “zero interest” in politics.

“I have no interest. Absolutely none. Zero. There is no part of myself that says I want to become a politician, “said the famous actor who has spent much of his life fighting for Tibetan independence and for human rights. In the same interview he explains why the purposes that interest him prefer to serve them as a citizen.

“So I do not have to compromise with something. In politics one has to reconcile in a way every day and every moment. I have no patience for that, “says the famous star.

Richard Gere has played in over 50 movies over the last four decades and an incentive for all this as he always said was love. “The only way you can work is if the project touches you somewhat, then opens the way for creativity. I call it love. I do not know exactly why you can see it with logic but that makes no sense. Whether you feel it or not, “he says characteristically. The actor’s new movie premieres in the halls in the United States is today, May 5th.