Richard Gere father again at the age of 69

Richard Gere is also a celebrity, who belongs to the long list of old-age dads. The actor at the age of 69 and a few months after his marriage to 35-year-old Alekhandra Silva will become a second-time father.

This at least supports Spanish media, since the couple has not confirmed the news. According to reports, Gere’s spouse spends the first months of her pregnancy while the couple will have a son.

If the rumors are verified, the charming star will have the second child, having an 18-year-old son, Homer from his previous marriage.

But he will be the second child for her 35-year-old beauty, since she has a son of 5 years since her previous marriage. The couple married a few months ago, in a private ceremony, and they are together from 2014. Indeed, Alejandra has said Gere that their acquaintance was catalytic and changed her life.