Reunion. The volcanic island that people live in craters

East of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean, there is a tiny island … Many Australians have never heard or visited. It is called Réunion Island and is one of the most unusual paradises of the island on the planet.

In fact, it possesses a plethora of remarkable features that it should have made world-famous. On the contrary, it remains a secret that has not been discovered by all, except for the French, who claim it as part of their country.

The volcanic island of Reunion is located east of Madagascar and southwest of Mauritius. It has been an overseas region of France since 1946 and is the most remote of the European Union.

It is one of the most beautiful and peculiar places in the world with strange mountain shapes, rocky lava rivers and rapid waterfalls with rapid waterfall. With hidden coves, steep cliffs and peculiar beaches, it is the perfect backdrop for an exploration trip.

It is worth visiting the Iron Hole, a canyon about a thousand meters deep between two valleys, at the bottom of which flows the Bras de Caverne River.

The Trou de Fer Gorge has two distinct sections. A large crater, powered by six waterfalls and a narrow slit at the exit of the gorge, which is the largest part of the gorge. It was discovered in 1989, and has since been visited by many sports enthusiasts.