Republicans are calling for an investigation into FBI and Ministry of Justice’s decisions

The Republican President of the House of Representatives Justice Committee, Bob Goodland (Virginia), and Trey Cody, Republican from South Carolina, with their letter to Minister of Justice Jeff Sesion, and Secretary of State for Justice, Rod Rosenstein, are asking for an investigation into the decisions taken or not received by the Ministry of Justice and the FBI in 2016 and 2017 broadcast ABC News.

Focus on interest lies with the requests for the issuing of investigative warrants filed by the FBI with the competent court regarding the use of the details of a prolific file with allegations of President Trump’s relations with Russia.

These allegations have not been proven, while the Republicans argue that the FBI had not informed the court that the financial cost for the filing of the file by the former British intelligence agent, Christopher Still, was partially covered by Hillary’s election campaign.

Behind this move, there are Republicans who are members of the House of Representatives and in the opinion of the Democrats in Washington, they are trying to divert interest from the research being conducted for Russia in the direction of the incentives of its executives Federal Investigation Service (FBI), who were involved in the same survey.

In the same vein, the Democrats criticized the above letter, accusing the Republicans of trying to assassinate the credibility of its investigation into the Russian involvement in the 2016 presidential election, the investigator-in-chief Robert Maler.

“It is obvious that these are attempts to disorientate and degrade the credibility of the special investigator Mahler,” Democratic Jerry Nader of New York, who is the leader of the House of Representatives’ Justice Committee, said in a statement.

Last week, Cesis had announced that his ministry’s general inspector would investigate reports of irregularities by the Ministry of Justice about the follow-up, which has provoked severe criticism from President Trab, and which he has described as ” unacceptable, “with a post on Twitter. Congressional Republicans have repeatedly asked the Justice Ministry leadership to appoint a second special investigator after Mahler’s investigation began.

In September, Goddlat and the Republicans who are members of the Justice Committee have asked Sesion and his deputy minister, Rosenstein, to appoint a second special investigator to conduct an investigation into FBI handling in the case of Hillary Clinton’s e-mail , but also on other issues in the Justice Department during the presidency of Barack Obama.

A smaller group of Republicans in the House of Representatives last month asked Sesion, the appointment of a second special investigator for the allegations in the FISA hearing, but also the FBI’s decision to activate an investigation framework anti-espionage campaign for the Trab election campaign.