Record amounts in an auction of the Rockefeller art collection

Inside the house where John D. Rockfeller, David Rockfeller‘s father, built nearly 90 years ago, Christie’s art yesterday auctioned $ 646 million of artworks of the 19th and 20th century, breaking the record of the biggest (in value) auction of works in the possession of a unique collector. The collection of the late fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent, which garnered $ 484 million in 2009.

The Picasso painting “La Fillette a la corbeille fleurie” sold yesterday for 115 million yen, dollar to an anonymous bidder who gave his offer by phone, “grabbed” the highest amount of the auction. Of the 44 projects that were auctioned yesterday, the Monet’s painting “Nymphéas en fleur” was sold at $ 84.7 million and the Mats painting “Odalisque couchée aux magnolias”.

In addition to the collectible artworks, many of the items to be auctioned carry personal stories from Rockfeller‘s life. For example, an ancient Greek amphora of the collection (estimated at $ 100,000-150,000) was given to him as a reward by his mother when he was a child. As he wrote, “the mother acquired most of this collection of Greek vases at an auction in New York in the early 1920s.

As far as I remember, some of these belonged to my grandfather, Senator Nelson Aldrich, who In the mid-1920s, in an attempt to encourage her sons to be regular, Mother gave me these vases as a prize because I managed to keep my room more neat than my brothers and since then I have the joy of having them in my possession “In my last 20 years at Chase, I have been decorating my office at the bank.”

The family pulled the collection on the “hammer” after David Rockfeller died last year, at the age of 101, who until then was the last in vivid grandson of the founder of Standard Oil and America’s first billionaire John D. Rockfeller, sighted by the world’s oldest billionaire, with a value of $ 3.3 billion.

In his will, Rockefeller expressed the desire to auction nearly all items in his collection and all the proceeds to be donated to charity. Indeed, he chose a number of charities, including Rockfeller University, the Museum of Modern Art and the External Relations Council.

His children had the opportunity to choose objects worth up to $ 1 million as a gift. Beyond that amount, they would have to buy any extra items at a reasonable and fair price. Other items in the Rockfeller collection have already been donated. For example, Rockefeller was a proud collector of beetles and his collection of 150,000 beetles was donated to the Harvard Zodiac Museum after his death. A collection of rare books belonging to Lucy Truman Aldrich’s aunt was donated to Brown University.

Rockefeller was a well-known philanthropist. Among other things, he had donated $ 150 million to the Manhattan Museum of Modern Art, whose mother was co-founder.