What is the reason that Prince Harry is wearing the African bracelet for 20 years

Prince Harry, at the age of 13, lost his mother, Princess Diana, to the terrible car crash in Paris. Since then, he has grown, matured and changed. But something on it remained the same for 20 years. The 33-year-old Duke of Sussex wears a traditional African bracelet over the years.

He even wore it during her wedding day. This bracelet has African designs and tribal patterns. And there is a good reason that the prince has not separated him for almost two decades. Indeed, he spoke about it in an interview with Town and Country magazine in 2017.

“I first came to Africa in 1997, right after my mother’s death. My father told my brother and me to make a suitcase because we would go to Africa to get away from it all, “he said.

That was when Harry got the bracelet from Africa. Prince William has a similar bracelet that has been seen wearing. Since then, Harry has been constantly wearing it, and has recently combined it with another one, linked to his acquaintance with and relationship with Meghan Markle.