The real relationship between Prince Harry and Camilla Parker

The erotic triangle starring Prince Charles, Princess Diana and Camila Parker Bowles brought Buckingham Palace for many years to the swirl of the most famous scandal, and it was also the favorite subject of the British and not only Press. Prince Charles’s extramarital relationship was not understood, and his mistress passed into the consciousness of the world as the woman who hurt her beloved princess, and she was the beginning of all evil, along with divorce.

Even today, 13 years after her marriage to Prince Charles, and 20 years after Diana’s death, there is a large portion of the world who does not want to accept Camila, now the Duchess of Cornwall. But what’s her relationship with the two sons of Prince Charles?

What do they think about their stepmother? Besides, we have seen them in public appearances to be very close, as with their wives, Kate Middleton and Megan Marc.

The truth about their real relationship and how the two princes see it, brings to light the new biography for Prince Harry, titled “Harry: A biography of a Prince”. Express.co.uk publishes an extract of this, where Harry has talked about Camila. “To be honest, she was always close to me and William” is alleged to have said, according to the author.

“She is not the typical stepmother. Really, do not be sorry for me or my brother, but the one who faces them, “he says at another moment. And he adds: “She is a wonderful stepmother. He is very close to us, while he truly loves our father and makes him happy. And for me and my brother, that matters. “