Rapper 50 Cent became a millionaire again from Bitcoin!






When he started his career, 50 Cent could not have been sure of what would happen to him.

The rapper, with the real name Curtis Jackson, was once one of the hottest names in the music scene, selling more than 30 million records worldwide and squeezing a real business empire that had spread to everything from clothing and cinematic production to participations in many companies.

At one time, his personal fortune had crystallized to $ 155 million, but eventually both his shares in the music industry and his real stock in the stock market plunged. In 2015, he even had to declare bankruptcy, as he owed $ 32 million.

But it seems that luck smiled at the 42-year-old rapper today, who had the bright idea of ​​allowing his fans to get their new album ‘Animal Ambition’ in 2014, paying him with Bitcoin. A move that had no meaning at the time, but the 700 Bitcoins it had earned is worth some 7 million euros today!

“Not at all bad for a South Side child, I’m so proud of me,” he wrote to Instagram when he recently discovered he was a millionaire again!

And now has a new plan to return to the top, a plan that includes television series and movies. He won the rights of “Get Rich or Die Tryin,” his first album that wants to make a movie, and announced that he would re-play on television, turning to TV series and other albums and songs.