Puppy suffers from an infection that eats its flesh because its owners…

Meet the abandoned dog that loves people despite the horrific torture that has passed. 48-year-old Hayley Zielinski, from Augusta, Georgia,  United States, has described the small Jude, a half-pitbull, as “the definition of animal abuse” after his incredible adventure.

The puppy, believed to be one year old, was found by Dog Networking Agents Inc. in a tragic situation, skeletoned and scary in his muzzle. It is believed that his mouth was tapered due to his injuries around his mouth, and after the tape was removed, the lethal infection began to rot his skin.

Many of the teenage puppy’s teeth were broken. He also had partial deafness due to injuries to his right ear and struggles to breathe because of his abuse. It will require special surgery and cutaneous grafts to improve its deformity and to be able to breathe properly.

Treatments and interventions could cost up to $ 10,000. Hayley, who is co-founder of Dog Network Agents Inc., says that despite the horrible abuse suffered, Jude “loves people” and his tail “never stops moving.” She said, “When you see him you do not understand what has passed, his teeth are broken and a part of his mouth has been crooked by the infection caused by the tape in his muzzle.”


The petty pages of the internet raise money to cover its expenses, which can reach up to $ 10,000. Jude, after completing the interventions, will be transferred to an animal shelter that will seek to find him an eternal home.