Public prefers artificial intelligence that carries elements of human behavior

Artificial Intelligence AI is no longer alien to consumers, according to a new study by the Capgemini Digital Transformation Institute, which explored how people prefer to interact with this new technology.

The new report, titled “The Secret to Winning Customers’ Hearts with Artificial Intelligence: Add Human Intelligence,” examined 10,000 consumers and more than 500 companies in 10 countries to reveal that 55% of consumers prefer the interactions allowed from a mixture of AI and humans, while 64% wants AI to become more human-friendly.

Of the respondents, nearly three-quarters (73%) reported that they had interacted through AI, and 69% of those surveyed reported being particularly pleased to use artificial intelligence on a daily basis. Consumers feel more and more comfortable with this technology, and 48% are excited by the opportunity to transfer their duties to an online assistant, while 46% believe they will improve their quality of life.

As consumers are used to using AI, they are becoming more comfortable with technology that has human characteristics. 62% said it would prefer artificial intelligence to have more compatible data with human behavior, while almost half (49%) said it would show a higher commitment to a business if the AI ​​serving the consumer behaved more humanly, and not just like an electronic system. Surprisingly, this preference was common in all age groups between the ages of 18 and 55+.

The idea that artificial intelligence will greatly resemble human behavior is something that most of the half of the respondents (52%) do not seem to share, who said they did not feel comfortable when this system was created to looks like a person.

Capgemini spokesman Mark Taylor explained how businesses can use AI to increase their revenue and customer loyalty by saying:

It is somewhat ironic that natural language processing and mechanical learning provide companies with the opportunity to build deeper and more humane relationships with their customers. By concentrating their implementations on AI to redefine, rationalize, and simplify customer interactions, companies will be able to increase their financial revenue and customer loyalty. To achieve this difficult task, businesses need to make artificial intelligence and customer experience a strategic priority. “