Prince Harry with Meghan Markle at Pipa’s wedding party, against the royal protocol

May all say that Pipa will not invite at her wedding Prince Harry’s girlfriend the famous super model Meghan Markle but it seems that she has revised her thought.  In particular, Kate’s sister will invite Meghan Markle at her marriage, but not on the way that we all understand.

Due to the protocol of the members of the Royal family members are not allowed to appear in official events with their relationship unless they are engaged or married. For this reason, according to the Daily Mail, Meghan Markle will accompany Prince Harry to the party after the mystery, but she will not be at his side in the church, so by this way is breaking the protocol somewhat, but not to the point of exaggerating Queen Elizabeth.

In accordance with Hello !, Harry’s girlfriend has already asked her to stop her work between May 15th and May 22nd, so she is together with her beloved.

Besides, things seem to be serious about Prince Harry and the beautiful actress, as Meghan Markle not only “dropped off” her blog, leaving a farewell note to her fan, but she ended her co-operation with the brand of clothes, in which had her own collection, with most people saying that the moment is coming to formalize their relationship.