She was pregnant but she was afraid of the ultrasound. When the time came to give birth she was shocked

Chloe Wilson experienced something during her pregnancy that most women would never experiance. When she was pregnant with her second child, she thought she already knew what to do and there was no point in seeking medical help.

“I always preferred to find my own path in my life and I felt comfortable doing it,” she said to Guardian. “My family was opposed – they wanted medical assurance, but I believed that because I had already done a healthy baby, the same would have happened to the other. My body didn’t need help. ”

“When I was pregnant with my son, Buzz, two years earlier, I felt so alienated and strange when I went to the doctor and made the decision not to go to the gynecologist. I did not have blood tests, ultrasounds or measurements, not even the 12-week ultrasound. I would like to do some tests, but I could not afford an independent midwife, so I had confidence in my instincts. ”

“I realized it was not like the birth of my son. His own lasted four hours of alternating anguish and ecstasy, and that was a constant pain that ran throughout the day. “I had learned how to do an internal examination and so I could feel I had a full dilation. I had laments for 10 hours, but now, instead of a head, I felt something bumpy, it was not as I expected it to be. ”

Then she realized that it was time to seek medical help. What doctors saw when she arrived at the hospital left everyone speechless. “The ambulance took me to the delivery room, where a doctor looked at me, decided that it was a head ¬†and I started pushing. After a while, the baby stepped on his feet, but his head refused to come out. It seemed to be stuck, and as the doctor looked at him, his eyebrows stood up: “They are twins!” He shouted.

“When I thought about pregnancy, there were tiny clues indicating that it was a multiple pregnancy but I dismissed them. When I was seven months pregnant, a friend told me she could feel a head in a position but I could feel it in another position . Although we did not have twins in our family, I felt that they were partying in my belly every time I was playing music.

The baby’s ends were knocking in all directions but I thought my baby was absolutely healthy. Wilson had lashes six weeks earlier, which is extremely common for twins. But suddenly she realized that lack of medical care could cost her baby’s life.

Both babies were very tiny – just one and a half pounds each – and their lungs were not fully developed. I just gave them a look before they went to the intensive infant unit. Suddenly I was left alone and I realized what had happened. I had single twins. Two babies with a pregnancy was a miracle.

My girls, Sapphire and Blue, stayed in the hospital for six weeks, we were allowed to take them at home at 9 months of gestation. I feel guilty when I think of my refusal of medical assistance.  However, despite the medical complications, Wilson does not regret that she did not know she was expecting two babies.