Police officer shot his 22-year-old son because he stole his vodka and replaced it with water

A police officer was arrested after shooting his 22-year-old son. 48-year-old Raymond Leuser was arrested on Thursday after he opened fire in his own home in Clearing’s Chicago neighborhood. Prosecutors say Monday, Leuser said  he was sick and did not go to work at the Indian Head Park police station where he served for 20 years.

But on Monday night, Leuser was recorded in a video to eat pizza, popcorn and drink vodka, prosecutors say. That night, the prosecutors say, Leuser’s son drank three glasses of vodka and threw water into the bottle to replace the missing drink, thinking that his father would not understand the diffrence.

Around 2.30am on Tuesday his son was in the basement of Leuser’s home and went upstairs when he heard a scream, according to the Chicago Tribune. The father shot several times, injuring his son on both shoulders, stomach and thigh, according to prosecutors.

His son was taken to hospital in a critical situation but survived and the police said the boy told the investigators that his father shot him four times. The police found two guns at home, one empty and one full. Leuser’s lawyer said the father was in self-defense because he had a tanned eye and scratches on his body.

However, the prosecutors rejected this statement, saying the police did not find any sign of a fight at home.