Police arrested a terrorist who was carrying bombs – Their plan was to kill Theresa Mayand bomb Downing Street

A plan of killing Theresa May was deterred by the authorities, Sky News reported on Tuesday, citing sources it did not named.

Police officers believe that the plan provided for the launch of an improvised explosive device at the Prime Minister’s official home in Downing Street and amid the chaos that would follow the invasion of armed men who would murder May, according to sources of sky news.

The television network reported that the investigation that led to the cancellation of the project took place for several weeks and it was attended by Scotland Yard executives, the MI5 counter-intelligence service and the West Midlands police.

Earlier on Tuesday, a spokesman of Theresa May said the UK authorities managed to prevent nine plans to commit terrorist attacks in the country within the last 12 months. Meanwhile, the Metropolitan Police announced that two suspects were arrested last week and were accused of terrorism and will be brought to court in Westminster later today.

According to Met’s statement, the two men were arrested by special forces on November 28th. The police said they were Naumur Zacariyah Rahman, a 20-year-old resident of northern London, and Mohamed Akim Imran, 21-year-old, a resident of southeast Birmingham.