Pipa Midletton’s father-in-law is accused of raping a minor

Shock has caused to the British public opinion the scandal that touches the royal family starring Pipa Midleton’s father-in-law.

The father-in-law of Pipa Midleton, David Matthews, is accused of raping two underage children. One case that happened in 1998 in a Caribbean island and the second in 1999 in a hotel in Paris. British society is shocked by the news that the 74-year-old in France is facing these grave accusations. In fact, he was held for some days and was released in harsh restrictive terms.

A son of a miner and a lover of speed, with a fortune of 40 million pounds, the Scottish father-in-law of Pipa Midleton abandoned car racing after a car crash. He saw in front of his eyes the driver of the car with which his vehicle collided, losing his last breath. He thought he could be in his place and so he decided to change his life.

The father-in-law of Pipa Midletton did not follow his father’s footsteps. He started working in a car workshop near the city of Yorkshire as an apprentice engineer. But he soon realized that it was better to sell cars, going from door to door.

His first marriage was with Anita Taylor, with whom she had a daughter, Nina. The couple met in car races as Anita was running on a rally. After a few years of married life, separate roads followed.

David Matthews puts a second round on the right. She joins the wedding bond with the artist from Bohemia, Jane Parker. Daughter of architect, Jane was a carnival queen at the University of Rhodesia – today’s Zimbabwe. Having a Fine Arts degree in her queen, she won a scholarship to study in the Netherlands. Stopping at London … she was on her way, she never left …

He worked as a receptionist at Christian Dior and when Matthew saw a photo of her, she was fascinated by her beauty. The couple married in a simple ceremony at the Rotterdam City Hall. Matthew drank a glass of champagne and in a few hours returned to work. Originally the couple lived in Rotterdam, then moved to Paris and then to the tax haven: Monaco.

On their vacation in 1995, enjoying the comforts of the Eden Rock Hotel on the Caribbean island of St Barts, the two were so excited that they … bought it. They decided to move permanently to the French-speaking island and set the goal of renovating the hotel. Today, the hotel is charging thousands of dollars a night with their famous guests such as Brad Pitt and Bionsees.

With his second wife he had three sons: James, Michael – the boys were born just 18 months apart – and Spencer. His children enjoy many weekends in the ten thousand acres estate in Scotland’s Glen Affric.