Pipa Middleton’s absurd demand from her wedding guests

The preparations for the wedding of the sister of Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, Pippa Middleton and James Matthew in Berkshire have entered the final line and in the light of publicity constantly come details of everything that will be done in the great cosmic event which is going to be held in a few days.

According to Daily Mail, Pippa Middleton’s demands for her marriage are not over. As stated, Pippa Middleton has asked her guests to have with them a second pair of clothes so they have another outfit at the reception that will follow after the wedding.

When the news came to light, the reaction of Twitter users was immediate and they described Pippa’s move as “ridiculous” and “arrogant”.

Fashion writer Simon Glazin noted: “If I was invited to the marriage of Pippa Middleton, and actually I’m really happy that I’m not,  I wouldn’t be happy with this demand at all. It is already difficult for a guest to choose the clothes of it’s first appearance, as the cosmic event will be covered by all media. Imagine someone having to make two show ups. Does Pipa Middleton intend to offer her guests the budget for their outfit? This is the only fair way to do what she demands. ”