The photo of this 7-year-old girl, has shocked everyone.

No one, especially adults, believes that the legends are true. Of course, there are well-known stories that inspire our imagination and are passed from generation to generation. An example is the legend of Excalibur – the famous sword buried in a stone and can only be taken by the real king of England.

That was Arthur. The legend said that years later, the mortally injured king threw the sword into a lake of blood from where the mysterious Lady of the Lake in the English county of Cornwall took it.
It was just a coincidence but when the 7-year-old Matilda was vacationing in Cornwall and asked her father, Paul, to go for rowing at Lake Dozmary, he told her about the legend of Excalibur.

Matilda was in the water for a while when she noticed something underwater. The young girl was sure it was a sword. “I told her not to say stupid things and that it was probably a fence,” explained Paul Jones. “But when I looked down, I realized it was a sword. She was at the bottom of the lake. “Matilda dived quickly and pulled it out of the water.

The story quickly became known in local newspapers, awakening the curiosity of the world about myths and legends, according to which Arthur had flown the sword on Lake Dozmary.
Was it possible that Matilda was the reincarnation of Lady of the lake? Or maybe a future Queen of England?

It has the same name as Empress Matilda, the daughter of King Henry I, who was a possible heir to the throne in the 12th century. It seems unlikely. But although the sword does not look old and her father thinks it was used in a movie, why not have Matilda the chance to become part of King Arthur’s legend for a while.