Pervert teacher had oral sex with two students in the classroom

Shocking are the revelations of the action of the 27-year-old former teacher, Brittany Zamora, from Arizona, USA.

Therefore, according to new facts, which saw the publicity of the abusive act of the abnormal teacher, just six weeks before her arrest, the school management where she was working had received a complaint about her inappropriate relationship with another student!

The school, however, appears to have covered the case, so the 27-year-old is eventually arrested at the end of March, accused of having sex three times with her 13-year-old student, once in the classroom.

“If the school’s management had done the job properly, our son might have escaped,” the parents of Brittany’s last victim claim, since complaints made at school about a month or so prior to her arrest, “Extra-curricular appointment” of the 27-year-old with another minor student.

However, in a survey conducted by the school, there was some sympathy for this boy, but there was no other evidence of an inappropriate love affair, so the officers merely confined themselves to a recommendation. 13-year-old’s parents, the next “victim” of Zamora, now think of a lawsuit against the school after leaving their son unprotected.