People saved an abused pregnant dog that its owners abandoned

A paralyzed dog was found abandoned by rescuers who realized that his paralysis was not his only problem and that he must have lived under unbelievable conditions. Sometimes, dogs used to breed puppies often live in a terrible environment and face serious neglect. Maria, a dachshund, was mistreated for all her life by her owners, who left her paralyzed from her sides and below.

But the cruelty experienced by this dog does not end here – despite its paralysis, its owners used it to breed puppies. Newsner reports that since it was paralyzed, it could not give birth normally, and when her owners learned that they had to pay $ 3,000 for a caesarean, they abandoned it.

Fortunately, Friends of Emma, ​​an animal welfare organization in Texas, took it and gave it the medical care it needed. It was also discovered that it had lost much blood because it was full of fleas.
Maria initially feared the people. However, it recovered quickly and gave birth with a caesarean section.

Her seven puppies were born and they were all good to their health. When the puppies were 8 weeks old, they were adopted, and after many months of treatment, Maria started walking again. It was a miracle!
Maria is now a healthy, cheerful and active dog, though it gets tired, sometimes it pulls its back legs.

Thanks to kind volunteers, Maria can now live a joyful life as it deserves!