Peegasm: The new dangerous sexual trend is causing concern to gynecologists

The feeling of this new “orgasm” is addictive, some women claim It has happened to all of us. You may have consumed too many coffees or water at some point, and then found yourself “trapped” at a meeting or public transport, without any possibility of relief. Your bladder is full, but your only choice is to … keep calm, despite the fact you feel ready to go.

At last, the moment of redemption arrives, when the field is now free, and the toilet appears in front of you as an oasis. Relief is something wonderful. But maybe … too wonderful for some women. It appears that there are few cases where the long delayed urination has “explosive” effects, in which some women become addicted.

And in these very cases it is mentioned the strange term peegasm, a trend which – according to international media – has caused concern to gynecologists.

But what about peegasm? The term comes from the words pee and orgasm (so the corresponding Greek translation would be something like “ursma”) and means the strong sense of relief and pleasure that some women feel when they postpone urination for several hours and finally go to toilet.

A Reddit thread referring to the phenomenon records the experience as described by a girl’s user: “As he told me recently, when he is late to go to the bathroom and eventually does, he experiences a kind of orgasm that feels from the top as the nails. If she specifically tightens her v****a while she urinates, the chances of having this experience are rising. As she explained to her, her orgasms cause dizziness that lasts for a few moments and are quite different from her clitoral and vaginal orgasms.

In the same thread, several women describe similar experiences, many even mentioning unintentional orgasms they have at night when they are asleep with a full bladder. This, according to gynecologists, is not strange, since a full bladder exerts pressure on the pelvic floor and the nerves that exist there, triggering sexual dreams that end in orgasm during sleep.

However, the habit of some women delaying urination to experience these … experiences is extremely unhealthy, according to scientists. Dr. Charlotte Elder, a gynecologist and spokesman for the New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, warns that the peegasm trend can cause irreparable damage to a woman’s bladder.

“We have to respect this instrument. It is important to urinate when it is needed, not when it is ready to burst, “says the gynecologist at the New York Post, pointing out that stretching the bladder can lead to an injury that takes years to be restored. In some cases, the damage is irreversible, whatever that may be, and the risk of urinary tract infection is also serious.