A patient was accidentally subjected to brain surgery

A neurosurgeon who is working in Kenya’s largest hospital has been fired, having for subjecting to brain surgery the wrong patient, the hospital today announced.

This scandal, which has caused a storm of reaction to social networking sites, is the latest in a row that shook the Kenyat National Hospital in recent weeks, following charges of sexual assaults by members of nursing staff at the expense of patients and the kidnapping of an infant.

Tthe surgeon, two nurses and an anesthetist were put on hold pending the completion of the investigation into the “wrong patient” surgery, stressed in the hospital’s announcement. Health Minister Sissiri Karouki also decided to temporarily cease his duties as hospital commander.

Two men were taken to hospital on Sunday. One of the patients had to operate in the brain to remove a hematoma while the second had to undergo medication to cope with an edema. During surgery, physicians discovered that there was no hematoma in the patient’s brain that was currently being operated and that this patient was not the right one.

The hospital expressed “deep regret” about the incident and assured that it would do everything to guarantee “the safety and health of the patient”. According to the hospital, the patient “recovers”.