Parents left their baby to die because of their religious beliefs

The Christian parents of a 10-month-old infant who died of malnutrition and dehydration in western Michigan in the United States are facing the possibility of being imprisoned as they allegedly refuse to receive medical aid for religious reasons.

Seth Welch and Tatiana Fusari, aged 27 and two, were charged with the felony of murdering and abusing a first-degree child on Monday after their daughter Mary’s death on Thursday, as the New York Times wrote. In video from the court in Kent County, Welch had a look at the judge, having his mouth open as she blames the accusations, while Fusari broke into tears.

As the Daily Mail reports, the first people who found the little Mary saw her having sunken eyes and cheeks after Welch’s call to 911 (US Emergency Service) that she had found her dead in her cradle. The autopsy on Friday set the cause of death of the infant as malnutrition and dehydration due to neglect by the adult guardians who cared for it.

The two parents in the interrogation admitted they had noticed that their daughter was very weak and underweight a month earlier than her death. But they did not seek medical help “for fear of calling the Providence, lack of faith and trust in the Services as well as religious reasons”, as the court records state.

Welch had even posted on Facebook for his disbelief with doctors and his religious beliefs. One of them spoke of his refusal to vaccinate his child because “God is the master of the disease”. He also condemned doctors as “priests of medical heresy.”

He made a post on Facebook about his child’s death on the day of the tragic incident. “The heart is broken at this moment,” he wrote. “I am numb in me now. And I really enjoy the soft embrace of an isolation cell from the cops and government officials who constantly assure me that “they are here to help.”

Welch showed his convictions on handmade labels nailed to the trees and the fence in front of his home. “Repent. Do you believe? Obey, “writes a message to one of them. He wrote to Facebook that someone had also shouted the police when he had initially refused to vaccinate his big daughter.

“It did not look smart to save people who were not the strongest to survive,” he said in a video. “If the theory of evolution believes in the survival of the powerful, why do we then inoculate everyone? Should we not normally let the weak die and be able to survive? ”

Both of his other children, aged 2 and 4, have not been vaccinated. Provostos filed a file Monday for a case of negligence against the two parents concerning their two older children. Fusari is even believed to be pregnant with a fourth child. Parents are detained without warranty. The couple may face life imprisonment without suspension if convicted of the felony of homicide. They will return to the courtroom on August 20th.