Parents left their baby alone with a wild pitt bull. When they returned they could not believe what they saw!

This pit bull named Akamaru ruins any stereotype that wants these dogs to be aggressive and bloodthirsty. Not only is Akamaru very friendly, but his favorite friend for hugs is the baby of the family! Akamaru’s owner, Justin Acuff, shares his dog’s photos to make it clear that pit bulls are not only born with murderous instinct but are being trained to become aggressive only by their owners.

The Justin family is not worried that Akamaru will bite their baby  because they have been properly trained and socialized the dog.
Those who use boxer boots in dog fighting have educated them to be aggressive.


This breed naturally has a large jaw and mouth that attracts those who organize dog fighting. Unfortunately, this breed is used for a long time in such dogfights, and there is a general belief that pitbulls are born with inherent aggression.

Fortunately, there are people like Justin trying to put an end to this bad reputation for the pit bull. With proper care and love, pit bulls can become loving and friendly dogs!