Panasonic has the solution for your smelly shoes

For those who have foot odor problems and not only, Panasonic has announced that it will release a “deodorant for shoes”. The device will be called MS-DS100 and uses “nanoe X” technology, removing the smell of your shoes.

To use the device, just turn it on and put the bottom of it inside your shoes. The MS-DS100 then emits charged ions inside your shoes, invading the material and dissolving odor-causing particles. There are two different functions: normal and lasting, which lasts 5 or 7 hours respectively. In line with Panasonic, durable function is used when the smell is disturbing.

This device is not Panasonic’s first odor removing device. Last summer, the company launched a deodorant hanger that works in a similar fashion for clothes. This weird device will be available in Japan on September 20th. There is no information about their price, but comparatively, the hanger we mentioned earlier costs $ 180 in Amazon.