They paid 180 euros and made a profit of 580 euros






A special advertising way found a well-known sports shoe company in Berlin.

Hundreds of people gathered outside an Adidas store in order to buy one of only 500 pairs of branded athletic shoes, which are accompanied by an unlimited city travel card, valid for the whole year of 2018.

The shoes, which have elements of the upholstery of the underground seats, are sold for 180 euros and have over them the ticket, the value of which exceeds 760 euros.

Many people arrived from other cities and spent their night in sleeping bags on the sidewalk in order to get the special pair of shoes. Periodically, the store manager counted the people and the missing ones were removed from the list.

The card, which is sewn in the shoehorn, applies to metro, tram, buses and ferries in Berlin, provided that the passenger wears the shoes at the time of boarding.