How to overcome a separation with the help of science

World has always said that separation is never easy, although the ways to overcome it usually keep its mouth shut, mumbling about time that heals everything and such things. People always have their own techniques to overcome their former ones, but now we also have the helper science in all this personal odyssey.

Researchers at Missouri University therefore looked at three different techniques that people use to get out of an ending relationship and analyze the mechanisms that each one uses to overcome the other.

The first group used to misuse the former, to speak negative about him, that is. The latter accepts what has happened and recognizes that the feelings they feel are a normal part of the process. The third focuses only on what the mind can extract from the former and the fourth (control group) did not have any concrete strategy, at least in research.

Subjects were asked to do what they normally do (in the fourth group doing nothing) and then show them pictures of their former ones by simultaneously measuring the signals they received in the electroencephalogram. As the study of the Journal of Experimental Psychology: General concluded, all three strategies had an impact on emotional responses, with some reservations, however.

The first team felt less emotional to the former, but it was worse. The second group did not feel much better, although their love for the former was not reduced to a minimum. The third group felt better overall, but its approach had no effect on how they felt about the former.

The study concludes that all three strategies are best suited to feeling that you have better control over your feelings, especially if you feel lost alone after separation, though they should not be considered good as long-term solutions. To overcome the other one does not happen in one day, as Sandra Langeslag, head of study, says: “love control does not work as an on / off switch. To make change permanent, you probably have to adjust your feelings of love on a regular basis … “