Opera for babies at Met in New York

Bambino opera, the Scottish composer, Lamb Patterson, specially for infants, presents the Metropolitan Opera in New York in late April and early May. Indeed, researchers will observe the reactions of small viewers. The opera lasts 40 minutes, it was presented last year at the Manchester festival and refers to the meeting of a bird and a chick, who have no family relationship.

The work will be on stage by Phil Mack. As the AMP explains, the ten free BambinO performances will be given from April 30th to May 5th at the List Hall of Met, the small amphitheater only for children from 6 to 18 months old.

There will be only two singers on the stage, accompanied by two musicians playing many musical instruments. Met collaborates with Columbia University researchers who will observe children’s behavior during the show and their reactions.

“In Met’s ongoing pursuit of building the future audience, we decided to start from scratch. This will be a training experience for young children in New York, “said Met Peter Gell, general manager.