Nurses had sex with their patients who were mentally ill

The police arrested two former nurses from Iowa, who allegedly had sexual relations with people who were mentally ill.

On Tuesday, 26-year-old Megan Marie Penney and 23-year-old Paige Lynn Johanningmeier, working at the Prairie View Management Facility in Fayette Province, were accused of exploiting sexually ill patients in the hospital.

Fayette police revealed that Penney and Johanningmeier had taken the two patients, according to the Des Moines Register. The police reported that nurses had developed relationships with the two patients during their work.

Relationships are reported to have become sexual when women stopped working in the hospital. Both women were arrested but released with a $ 2,000 guarantee. Prairie View is a hospital that provides support and training services to adults suffering from chronic mental illness.

The services offered are 24-hour care, drug management, visits by doctors and psychiatrists, transportation to medical appointments, recreational activities, etc.