A note was found that warned of a bomb on United Airlines flight

A United Airlines plane flying from Rome to Chicago changed its course to Shannon Airport in Ireland, after a “note” was found on the plane, and it became known by the Irish police. In the message, a bomb was reported on the aircraft, a research source said in a news report at the Reuters news agency.

The 207 passengers and the 11-man crew disembarked from Boeing Co 767-330 at Shannon Airport at 16.15 GMT, according to Jim Moloni, a spokesman for the Irish police. Passengers on UA971 are subject to checks, he said in an e-mail announcement without going into details of the nature of the threat.

United explained in an announcement that the landing was due to “a possible security concern”.

“After assessing the situation the crew took the decision to change direction to the nearest airport that was available”.

According to the airline, on Twitter, the flight was canceled and will take off for Chicago tomorrow. The US government has been informed of the incident and is trying to determine whether there is a violent intention behind the threat, a US government source told Reuters.

In this context, a check is made on the author’s note and graphic character to clarify whether it is the same as other notes previously found on aircraft. The police also collect samples of the character of passengers, the Irish Times wrote. The note was found on the aircraft’s toilet, according to the same source.