The nightmare in Greece continues!

Another dead man was found in an underground house, in the area of Gefyraki, in Nea Peramos, Attica, according to the fire brigade, bringing the tragic account of the victims to 16 dead. Meanwhile, live two of the missing persons were identified while firefighters continue to search for four more. The inhabitants of Mandra have seen from the morning again the rushing waters to descend from the stream to their homes.

Strong weather events hit the rest of Greece as well, from side to side. Particularly fierce was the bad weather in Pieria, where schools will also be closed today. The problem, however, that concerns Civil Protection and Authorities is the evolution of the Zenon system, which has been formed between Sicily and the Ionian.

It is a typical Mediterranean cyclone (medi-cane), which moves northeast and is expected to hit southwest Greece at noon Friday. The evolution of Zeno’s course will be slow, with a large amount of precipitation and strong winds, and its intensity will be maintained for at least two days.

The issue that arises for the already afflicted areas of western Attica is whether or not the Zenon will strike the basin with all its might from Friday afternoon to Saturday afternoon or whether it will move south, the Peloponnese and then on an eastern northeast course will move to the Cyclades, northern Sporades, western Crete, the eastern Aegean and Turkey.