New Horizons Finds Evidence of Former Nitrogen Lake on Pluto

For years now, poor Pluto has been fighting tooth and nail for the privilege of being a “planet”, as so many cruel scientists decided to belittle it and dub it a “dwarf”. Well, this little dwarf planet still has some surprises down its belt!

NASA’s probe, New Horizon, has been unfolding Pluto’s hidden history bit by bit. In recent photos, New Horizons spotted what seems to be the semblance of a former lake. While the dried up liquid body is relatively small being 20 miles at its widest, but this makes the discovery by no means less important. The channels sprawling out of the main lake helped scientists speculate at what might have filled this lake in the distant past: liquid nitrogen!

Furthermore, New Horizons continues to reveal hints of Pluto’s mysterious history; however, these recent discoveries tell us that before it became a complete wasteland, this dwarf planet may have seen much livelier days, millions and billions of years ago.