New cryptocurrency designed for gamers.

A few days ago, Crycash’s collaboration with Crytek (Far Cry, Crysis) was announced in order to integrate its digital currency into the free-to-play FPS Warface.

The Crytek press release describes Crycash as an “independent, decentralized product ecosystem for gamers fueled by a new cryptocurrency centered on those.” This “ecosystem” consists of four CRC-powered parts. The Plink application is the basis and will serve as a social network, messaging and chat service, workflow management and CRC wallet.

The remaining parts of the system will consist of a platform for playing games and in-game items with CRC, an esports betting platform and an advertising platform. While some cryptocurrencies can be acquired through mining (by installing a pc to contribute on solving currency equations in exchange with coins), CRCs can be obtained through in-game trials that developers will award gamers via Plink. For example, Crycash says such a test might be to sign up for Warface, kill 100 enemies with headshot and add 5 friends in exchange for 5 CRCs.

From today until January 15, the CRCs are offered for purchase, with one currency valued at 0.001 Ethereum (approximately $ 0.5), but this value includes a bulk buyout and pre-order bonus, which is expected to form in the future. Although the value of CRC is calculated on the basis of Ethereum, it will be possible to convert to normal money with currently unknown parities.

Crycash plans to collaborate with other developers in 2018.