The new brand of clothes that holds only 10% of its profits






A new London-based brand makes it possible to buy women’s clothing that is produced with a more ethical and sustainable process.

The 90 percent ladies’ luxury clothing label, launched just this month – delivers 90 percent of its profits to charity to control and reduce bad working conditions in the fashion industry and reduce its negative impact on the environment .

#DressBetter’s motto is part of an effort to launch a consumer movement that motivates both manufacturers and shoppers of clothing. More specifically, 90% of the distributed profits are distributed to various charitable activities and to those who create the collection. Customers decide on where the money will be given, as after each purchase they are given the option to vote for a purpose.






The brand that combines ethics and aesthetics was founded by Shifik Hasan and Para Hamilton. Raw materials and construction, are closely monitored to achieve the goal of ethics and sustainability, with everything coming from suppliers that operate according to the best codes of practice.

“We wanted the design to be completely modern and to show that there were no compromises on quality and designs. The pioneering business model should never speak more than the product and moral attitude should be the basis of all brands. It’s the future, “said Creative Director 90 percent, Ben Matthews.